Management Development Associations in Rising Economies Set to Establish an Alliance


Affirming its position in the Higher Education sector, AABS further expands its international network with the signing of a partnership between several management development associations from Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America promoting innovation, teaching and research. With this new flagship alliance signed at the 27th CEEMAN Annual Conference that started on 26 September 2019 in Wroclaw, Poland, AABS comforts its positioning as a key actor for accompanying African Business Schools across boarders.

Signature of an Alliance connecting different Business schools across the world:

This new partnership signed by representatives of AABS – African Association of Business Schools; CEEMAN – the International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies; ANGRAD – the National Association of Business Administration Undergraduate Courses of Brazil; BMDA – Baltic Management Development Association; FORUM – the Association of Management Development Education in Poland; and RABE – Russian Association of Business Education – signals a new era for Business Schools in Rising Economies.

AABS is pleased to play its part in reinforcing African Business Schools’ place among the Business schools of the world.

A mutli-dimension cooperation:

The international alliance will benefit not only the higher education sector, in all these regions, but extend to students, teachers and researchers, with opportunities to participate in joint projects as well as study tours and overseas exchange programs. The content of the agreement signals the intention for these Association to help their members create and deliver innovative education and collaboration opportunities to support Business Education in rising Economies.

The Alliance offerings will be designed to augment those provided by regional associations, with particular focus on:

  • Enabling member schools to conduct comparative and joint research;
  • Accelerating faculty and student exchange across rising regions;
  • Supporting regional association accreditation efforts that enable schools accredited by one regional player to obtain recognition across all rising markets.

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